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Whether you are established in your career or personal life or just your journey, you will encounter periods of questions and uncertainty.

The biggest question is “what is my purpose?” As we mature, our purpose changes as we enter and exit different stage of our life and/or career. Let this be your moment to explore your current purpose.

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According to the 2015 Gallup Report, only 32% of US employees are engaged in their jobs.

If your employees are not engaged, they are not operating at their full potential. Group coaching is a perfect opportunity to explore common problems/issues that may contribute to disengagement.

MJPC Seminars


Empowered teams are more productive and more  efficient. Empowered team members have a desire to excel and welcome new challenges.

We work with various groups: such as corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and colleges/universities to promote empowerment and developing skills/potential.

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MJ Professional Coaching offers private sessions. The sessions are confidential, convenient and designed based upon your needs. Come and discover your life barriers. You will experience a beautiful transformation and acquire marketable skills for future encounters.

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MJ Professional Coaching offers coaching to organizations, corporations, small businesses and specialized groups. Group coaching addresses a common areas of development. It is an opportunity to bring a group together to achieve a goal or reach a general consensus.

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MJ Professional Coaching offers workshops designed at your request. The workshops focus on team-building, engagement, finding purpose and removing barriers. The workshop will provide concepts and effective tools for daily practice. The workshops are inspiring and interactive.

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With over 20 years of healthcare experience, Michelle's diverse background includes program development, staffing development, clinical management, office management, finance management and grant administration. Her greatest passion is helping others to promote themselves. Michelle founded MJ Professional Development Company. The purpose was to assist women entering the workforce. The sessions offered were "Dress for Success", "Providing Excellent Customer Service" and "Developing a Powerful Resume".

What our clients say

Michelle has a way of holding up the mirror making you aware that your goals are there so go for it. Also helping you understand yourself without preaching to you.

D. Taylor

Office Manager

Michelle is thorough and professional. She had gone through goal achievements and major life reinvention which could be helpful to others.

T. Macklin

The coaching session was useful and well organized. I was able to reflect on issues that are holding me back. In the group format, I was able to gain new insight from others. I would recommend MJ Professional Coaching. Michelle was quick to pick up on the key issues. She was an excellent facilitator.

A. Brown

Associate Professor

The group coaching session with Michelle Jolley was useful. She was very organized. The greatest benefit of the coaching session was that “my course of actions was affirmed.” Michelle was supportive but provided challenging feedback. She used questions to help me become more aware. I would recommend Michelle Jolley as she is humble, compassionate and informative.

M. Pate


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