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About Michelle Jolley!

Personal/Life Coaching

Discovering potential and purpose while removing barriers

Career Development

Developing and defining steps for future growth


Leadership Coaching

Defining strategies to optimize self and employees’ performance

Group Coaching

Building a partnership to achieve a common goal

Michelle's Experience

With over 20 years of healthcare experience, Michelle's diverse background includes program development, staffing development, clinical management, office management, finance management and grant administration.

Michelle's greatest passion is helping others to promote themselves. As a result, MJ Professional Development was established to help individuals identify their full leadership potential. We specialize in the following: removing barriers, organizational skills, stress, employee engagement, self-worth and self-esteem, while promoting the individual. The company coaches and mentors individuals to become efficient and effective leaders.

Michelle continues to identify areas of growth in others. She is very active in community activities.

Michelle and her business partner developed and conducted seminars for a religious organization - "Cultivating Women Relationships" and "Defining Me". Both seminars highlighted self-worth and self-love.

She works closely with the youth and young adults. Michelle continues to serve as a mentor to various young adults. She assist them with mapping their future by: developing plans to manage their finances, developing goals and identifying a plan to carry out each goal. There are periodic check-ins to keep the individuals on task.

Michelle received her MBA from The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

What our clients say

The coaching session was useful and well organized. I was able to reflect on issues that are holding me back. In the group format, I was able to gain new insight from others. I would recommend MJ Professional Coaching. Michelle was quick to pick up on the key issues. She was an excellent facilitator.

A. Brown

Areas of Expertise


Partner to bring forth areas of change. Develop balance and improve varies aspects of your life.

Self-Esteem/Self Worth

Support the most important person - YOU. Identify struggles and overcome barriers, while tapping into the beautiful YOU.

Career Development

Develop strategies for next level, promotion and work-life balance.

Business Coaching

Guidance of operational decisions, improve processes, build successful teams and developing business practices.

Planning your Finances

Assist with outlining finances. Identify goals for saving and/or develop plans for future purchases.

Parenting Coaching

Face the challenges and joy of parenting. Identify and build network to overcome challenges.

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