Coaching a Conversation or Confirmation?


In two of my earlier articles, “Quick Guide: Finding a Life Coach” and “Burning Life Coach Questions”, I briefly discussed the value of seeking a Coach and what a Coach can offer. I wanted to take time in this article to expand upon the needs of a Coach (life, professional, etc.). Conversing with a Coach…

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Positioning Yourself


How you position yourself is up to you. You can continue to be a science project, or you can go under construction and become a better You and find your way out of your cycles. Your new motto should be “Doing different things to expect positive results”.

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The Crossroad


We all experience many crossroads in our lives. The key is to embrace the crossroads and make it work for you, not against you. Walk into your crossroad.

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Investing with a Purpose – Coaching with a Purpose

Investing Purpose

Welcome Back to Investing – Coaching with a Purpose! The “Investing with a Purpose – Intro” article, you gathered data, more importantly you listened to your staff. This was a great opportunity to learn their aspirations. The “Investing with a Purpose – Round II” article, you examined the data, framed the data, discussed the importance…

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