Welcomed Pause

Although it has been several months since the last post, it was a “welcomed pause”. What is a “welcomed pause” you ask? It is time needed to Protect Assets while Understanding Solidity and creating Equilibrium. There are times within our lives that we must stop, collect ourselves, evaluate and restart. Most of us thrive from exceling and exceeding set and unset goals. For a productive and healthy life, we must incorporate rest.

As you read this article, I challenge you to PAUSE for 30-45 minutes to fully engage and acquire a new practice.Click To Tweet Let’s start with dissecting each phrase.

Protect Assets

We often don’t protect our key asset – ourselves. We overextend for our careers, school, family, social events and other activities. There are various reasons for extending ourselves, such as, avoiding personal failures, not failing others, and not breaking promises. Some of us have agendas and set targets that can be devastated if unsuccessful. What is the purpose of setting your goals? What are you really trying to achieve? Most individuals never stop with the one targeted goal. There is a drive to push the limits without really setting boundaries.

We must first realize our greatest asset is ourselves. There are times we need to step back from our busy and goal-oriented lives to maintain sanity. As individuals, we are our own biggest critics. We must protect our minds from being overpowered with self-doubt and from continuously setting unfulfilling goals. It is time to replace with rest, taking long walks, and just do you. It will be a welcomed practice.

Understanding Solidity

This topic is different for each individual. Everyone’s limits and capabilities are at various levels. Each individual must define their minimum and maximum limits. One’s sanity should not be traded for unidentified or unnamed goals.

Let’s clarify an unidentified or unnamed goal. For some goal driven individuals, they will identify goal(s), determine the resources and steps needed to achieve the goal. Then there is the percentage of individuals that set goals, achieve part of the goal and move onto another task or new goals. These individuals do not complete their tasks nor do they celebrate their accomplishments. There is no sense of satisfaction for this group.

We also have the checklist individuals. For these individuals, the question becomes “what does checking the box mean to you?” Are you checking the boxes for a visual satisfaction of completion? Or is there a sustainable purpose for each check that is solidified?

Create Equilibrium

Finding balance is a life necessity to maintain sanity. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in life, you must develop self-awareness and boundaries. We discussed setting goals and checklist above. It is imperative to include self-care goals and rest. The self-care goal and rest will enhance your personal/career growth. We live in a society that deems we must work hard, set continuous goals to be successful and be available. We are made to feel guilty, if we don’t achieve a goal or just simply need to be offline and not available. This continuous behavior, may result in an unfavorable outcome. It doesn’t take much to PAUSE to maintain your life’s balance.

Let Us Help

Don’t let time slip away without talking time out for yourself. If you need assistance finding your PAUSE, contact MJ Professional Coaching. We will remove any guilt and help you to welcome your life balance. We offer a 30 minute free coaching trial. Let’s start with the PAUSE!

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