Embrace Tomorrow By Working on Today

Professional Coaching Services for Individuals and Groups

Private One-on-One Coaching

MJ Professional Coaching offers private sessions. The sessions are confidential, convenient and designed based upon your needs. Come and discover your life barriers. You will experience a beautiful transformation.

Our Private Coaching Service Includes

  • Life Coaching
  • Professional Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Group Coaching Solutions

MJ Professional Coaching offers coaching to organizations, corporations, small businesses and specialized groups. Group coaching addresses common areas of development. It is an opportunity to bring a group together to achieve a goal or reach a general consensus.

Our Group Coaching Service Includes

  • On-site Coaching Sessions
  • Support in between sessions via email/telephone
  • Monitored progression/accountability

Coaching Workshops

MJ Professional Coaching offers workshops designed at your request. The workshops focus on team-building, engagement, finding purpose and removing barriers. The workshop will provide concepts and effective tools for daily practice. The workshops are inspiring and interactive.

Our Coaching Workshops Include

  • Leadership development
  • Partnership
  • Setting goals