I Feel …..

March Blog 1

In the time of adversity, we must define a new routine to define our sanity. Some days, hours, minutes will be more difficult than others. This is the time to focus on building you. It may be your faith, prayer life, family, marriage, and most of all yourself. What does ‘that’ look like? Each person must discover ‘that’ for themselves.

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Who’s Looking Back at You

Reflection website

During my nightly routine, I found myself just staring in the mirror at my reflection. This time was not the normal examination of my flaws or finding new facial discoveries. It was deeper. No words initially, it was like trying to examine my soul. The first question that surfaced was “who’s looking back at me?”…

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Let’s Transform Together

website april 2019

Welcome to the MJ Professional Coaching “quarterly” article. Over the last year, the articles reflected finding your passion and following your dreams. Changing the postings/articles to quarterly will provide the time needed to focus on the challenges outlined in the months ahead. In being transparent, it is imperative to be more resourceful for my client.…

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Positioning Yourself


How you position yourself is up to you. You can continue to be a science project, or you can go under construction and become a better You and find your way out of your cycles. Your new motto should be “Doing different things to expect positive results”.

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The Crossroad


We all experience many crossroads in our lives. The key is to embrace the crossroads and make it work for you, not against you. Walk into your crossroad.

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