Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself (The Journey Continues)

Let’s Recap

The first article entitled “Invest in Yourself” was to start the process of evaluating your “undertaking”. This process included deep thinking (prayers, mediation, etc.) and starting a journal to write out your ideas.

This second article involves “LOVE”, exploring your undertaking and looking for opportunities to expand for further definition.

Thank you, for those who decided to invest in themselves. I hope you really dedicated time for yourself to self-reflect and focus on the keywords: Undertaking and Favored.

Self-Investment Journey

This article is of perfect timing. February is known as the month of Love. LOVE aligns with the key words from last month, which were_____ and _____? Do you recall? Yes, the key words were “undertaking” and “favored.” Undertaking is a pledge or promise. Everyone reading this blog should have “undertaking” as the most important self-investment. “Favored” is granted out of goodness. For those who believe. God favors each of us with Love:

  • Look
  • Opportunities
  • Ventures
  • Endorsement

We will examine LOVE, later in this post.

The Journey

Last month, I suggested each of you start with a journal. I hope you took heed to allow tracking of your progress. If not, you still have a chance to start. It is never too late to invest in yourself. However, it is imperative for growth and measurement.

Did keeping the journal help you to outline your steps toward investing in yourself? Were you able to outline your undertaking(s)? What are your promises to yourself? Are they obtainable, realistic, and measurable? Do you have the support you need? Are there any interferences or road blocks to obtain this support?

For those of you that started the journal, let’s review your list.  Beside each one, put an “o” for obtainable (if it is possible and within your limits to reach), put an “r” for realistic (if the item is part of your passion and something  you will carry out).  For the items with the “r” and “o”, let’s add some measurable items.  For measurable items, let’s start with a timeline for establishing and/or carrying out your undertaking(s). Also, think about what support is needed to move forward.  We will discuss support in the third blog.

Invest in Yourself: Michelle Jolley Professional Coaching


Now that we have outlined the “undertaking(s)”, let’s tap into your emotions.  How do you feel about the items you listed in your journal?  Do you feel “favored” by your initial investment? Are you excited as you write out your goals/dreams/desires? Do you have a full vision from start to finish? Are you now at the point, where you need to write the middle?

This is where you should be. If not, how do you get there? Let’s talk about “LOVE”


In coaching, I often ask individuals to LOVE (Look for Opportunities of Ventures and Endorsements). To invest in yourself, you must find opportunities to promote and develop a better being.  Most ventures may lead you to uncomfortable places.  Also, you may need to take risks. When one invest in themselves, they also promote endorsements.

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Never Doubt/Just Believe

In this process, there will be times when self-doubt and questioning comes into play. This is normal. At times, it may be a reality check. These moments should be a time of evaluation. Let’s take this evaluation back to basics, with the 5 “W”s, and end with the “H”:

  • Who:     YOU
  • What:    Your purpose/investment
  • Why:     Examine your end goal(s) /the purpose for accomplishing these goals
  • When:   Establish a timeline for your plan
  • Where:  In this lifetime/in your season
  • How:      It starts with your investment within yourself

With this evaluation, you are confirming what you have already discovered.  You are just taking time to step back and take a different outlook.

Making Progress

As I mentioned in the first article, you should spend valuable time working on you.  I recommend spending this month, continuing to identify your “undertaking(s), outlining, assessing using the scale mentioned above and validating.

Let’s pause at this point and take care of important business–Celebration of YOU.  Investing is not easy, but the payoff is worth the process.  You have started a positive and fulfilling journey, let’s keep going.  You can pause (take a breath) but you cannot stop breathing life into your goals/dreams/desires (all undertakings).

Next Month

We will explore your self-assessment, continue reviewing your process, and evaluation the support needed to move towards implementation.

Do You Need a Partner?

If you are at a pause with adding value to your investment (YOU), start with a Coach.

MJ Professional Coaching is available to invest in you. I will partner with you to get to that next level.

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