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Who’s Looking Back at You

During my nightly routine, I found myself just staring in the mirror at my reflection. This time was not the normal examination of my flaws or finding new facial discoveries. It was deeper. No words initially, it was like trying to examine my soul. The first question that surfaced was “who’s looking back at me?”

What Is My State?

Do you ever feel like life is so busy you do not take time to examine your current status? What is your present state? Are you in a place of contentment, a place of exploring, a place of doubt, or a place of just being? Taking the time to examine your current state is important and healthy for your well-being. It is a time to stop and spend the quality time needed to fully engage in yourself.

Let’s Take It From The Top

You will need to read the instructions first and before partaking in the outlined task. Stand in front of a mirror. If possible, don’t use a full-length mirror. For this exercise I need you to focus on your face. If you have a handheld mirror or bathroom mirror, start there. This requires absolute focus. You cannot take this moment to look at blemishes on your face. I want you to stare into your reflections – like you are looking into yourself – not at yourself. Once you get this point, you will feel a deep sense of self space, no one or nothing is around to disturb your process.

Defining Your Space

Once you arrive in your space, what are your feeling? Hold that feeling for 60 seconds. Examine the thoughts. Are the thoughts positive or negative?

Start with the positive. Are you at peace with the person looking back at you? If yes, that is great, celebrate your moment and who you are. I am sure it was hard work to get to this point. From this point, just continue to better yourself and celebrate.

Were you not at peace with your current state, trying to search deeper or just staring into an empty soul? Let’s break it down:

  • Not at peace – Are you currently having difficulties in your life? Trying to find your way? Just going along your daily routine without thought or just plain miserable?
    The power of change starts with you!Click To Tweet If you don’t feel at peace, spend some time identifying the source of the problem.
  • Search deeper – Are you in the position that you are aware of your current state, however, you are searching for a deeper meaning or purpose? Or maybe you know where you are and where you are going, however, you just don’t know the next course of action.
  • Empty Soul – Maybe you don’t like what you see, unhappy with the past, present or concerned about your future.

The Purpose

The purpose of this exercise is to take time out of your busy day to examine your true thoughts. Some of us rarely take time out for ourselves to deal with current issues. We normally brush our concerns/issues/problems aside and move forward with the next task. However, when we take the time to look in the mirror/at ourselves, some of us can’t look back at the reflections. Why? Because we don’t like what we are seeing that is plaguing us.

Sorting Through

This exercise may be a lot to process and handle, alone. MJ Professional Development is available to assist you during the process. We will work with you to interpret what’s looking back at you and how to be at peace with the internal forces.

Are you ready to love what you see? Set up your free consultation, today!

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