Welcomed Pause


Although it has been several months since the last post, it was a “welcomed pause”. What is a “welcomed pause” you ask? It is time needed to Protect Assets while Understanding Solidity and creating Equilibrium. There are times within our lives that we must stop, collect ourselves, evaluate and restart. Most of us thrive from…

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MJ Professional Thanks You!


Thank you for sharing this special day with me. I cannot believe MJ Professional Coaching launched a year ago today. November 20, 2017 marked so many beginnings for me. This was the day I: Stepped out in faith and let God lead Regained my confidence and knew everything would be okay Started fulfilling my passion…

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Coaching a Conversation or Confirmation?


In two of my earlier articles, “Quick Guide: Finding a Life Coach” and “Burning Life Coach Questions”, I briefly discussed the value of seeking a Coach and what a Coach can offer. I wanted to take time in this article to expand upon the needs of a Coach (life, professional, etc.). Conversing with a Coach…

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Investing with a Purpose – Coaching with a Purpose

Investing Purpose

Welcome Back to Investing – Coaching with a Purpose! The “Investing with a Purpose – Intro” article, you gathered data, more importantly you listened to your staff. This was a great opportunity to learn their aspirations. The “Investing with a Purpose – Round II” article, you examined the data, framed the data, discussed the importance…

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