MJ Professional Thanks You!

Thank you for sharing this special day with me. I cannot believe MJ Professional Coaching launched a year ago today. November 20, 2017 marked so many beginnings for me. This was the day I:

  • Stepped out in faith and let God lead
  • Regained my confidence and knew everything would be okay
  • Started fulfilling my passion
  • Realized I had been walking in my path for the last 1 and ½ years. It was not comfortable, but it was worth it.

Special Acknowledgement

I am blessed beyond measures with a wonderful family. My family is my greatest support. They are my non-paid staff who have my back, whether it is to proof read, assist with bringing my vision to fruition, provide free marketing or just encouragement. They are always there for me. A supportive family is everything.

A special “thank you” to my daughters for their social media suggestions. And for the shared excitement. Their belief in my abilities is non-measurable.

There is not a single word that can describe one of my biggest supporters, my husband. He is my rock and helps to keep me stable. Because of him my transition was a little easier.

Last and not least, my clients, my followers, readers, and supporters. I value each of you. Because of your belief in me and my mission, I have found greater value in my work. You each pushed me to achieve greater insight on issues/items that will encourage each of you. Continue providing feedback! The more I grow, the more I can provide.


I often hear the term “don’t look back, look forward”. Today, I will spend a little time looking back because it is important to me and may be of encouragement to someone else. March 2017 started my Coaching journey, as well as a cleansing and self-development journey. I joined the Healthcare Leadership Coaching Cohort through the Healthcare Leadership Institute at Virginia Tech. As a cohort, the group met onsite (Roanoke, VA), three times during 2017.

Well the adventure or possible barriers started during our first visit to Roanoke. The new cohort attendees were to arrive March 20, 2017 for a meet & greet dinner. There were several mishaps that morning which were frustrating, but I pushed forward. The afternoon of March 20th, we hit the road to the first event. While driving to get on the highway, a piece of metal fell off a truck and my husband could not avoid rolling over this object. As we approached 95 South, the tire blow. At that moment, I threw my hands up and claimed, “This is a sign, we should just turn around to go back home”. My husband said, “Yes, we are going back home, not to stay, but to change vehicles”. I thank God for this moment, I was about to give up on a life enhancement event.

Our second in-person cohort meeting, was my moment to be vulnerable. This was hard for me, as various events happened in my life, I built a wall. Also, becoming part of corporate leadership, I had to learn how to hold in/turn off my emotions. Emotions are a sign of weakness. Well with Coaching, I learned, there is a time to restrain and there is a time to be vulnerable. In my case, vulnerability was my insight and my strength. I received a greater insight of my fears, barriers and untapped passion. Once this door opened, prayer and self-examination of being stuck, I was ready to walk into my purpose.

With continuous coaching, prayer for direction, self-determination and family/friend support, I was ready to unleash my passion. I decided it was time to move forward with the Coaching business. I’ve always had the potential and passion. Looking back further, I developed a business plan almost 20 years ago that involved helping others to discover their potentials. As you can see, Coaching is my destiny and my God given talent. Sometimes looking back helps us to close our loop—come full circle.

To help close the loop, God orchestrated the rest. The actual day I decided to reduce my hours on my full-time job, was the day I met my mentor and web designer/programmer. He not only took my vision and created a beautiful product, he became my business coach. Many times, I was tested on my preparedness, my direction, my faith and my confidence. I was also assigned readings to fully understand the concept of entrepreneurship. All these valuable lessons and my trust in God, prepared me to think bigger, reach further and walk into my season.

What’s Next

What does the future hold? If I knew the answer to that I would be a millionaire. What I can tell you is that I am preparing for the needs of my clients and potential clients. Last year, I posted several blogs related to empowerment, which I will continue.

Going forward, I will focus on professional and life coaching, which will include but not limited to transition, confidence, self-awareness, self-worth and overall encouragement. We cannot be better to and for others until we fully understand ourselves – our shortfalls, as well as our strengths. And learning when to lean in and when to lean back. Also, my greatest push will be finding your potential and not being afraid to explore. Last but not least, Loving yourself. You are the greatest investment. Believe, model and live by that. No one is perfect, Love overshadows your flaws.

The Ride

If I could sum this year up in a few words, the first thing that comes to mind is a roller coaster ride. When I was younger, I would tag along with others to ride the roller coaster, which I really did not like. I would tell myself, the ride will be fun, I got this. As I moved forward in the line, I would smile and continue to coach myself. When the roller coaster pulls up, I’d step on, buckle up and say, “This will be fun”. As the coaster started moving on the tracks, my stomach would knot up. Once we reached the point where the ride would slowly creep up the tracks, I’d start to question myself. What are you doing? Why did you do this? You cannot continue with this ride, get off. Doubt takes over while trying to convince myself it will be okay. After a few bumps and a few shakes on the slow ride upward, the climax of the ride is reached. Well, once I reached the peak of the ride, I just told myself hold on tight, there will be a few screams, some tears and lots of smiles.

MJ Professional Coaching is at the peak and ready to take the remainder of the ride with you. I will be by your side while you laugh, cry and scream. Just know everything will be alright and it will end with SMILES (Shine while Making-A-Difference and Integrating Leadership, Encouragement and Self-Love)

I look forward to countless years, new stories and a great ride. Again, Thank YOU for your continued support!

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Michelle Jolley is a Professional Coach and the founder of MJ Professional Development Company. MJ Professional Development Company was originally established to assist individuals in developing marketable skills for the corporate industry. Over the years, Michelle has witnessed individuals and organizations having a greater need for coaching. As a result, she decided to expand her horizon and reach a greater audience.