Time is of Value

Happy New Years. Welcome to 2019. Another year, another 365 days, 52 weeks or an additional 8,760 hours. It is all about time. A time to regroup, reflect, start diets, establish new resolutions and new goals. According to U.S. News, “approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions are not followed through by February”. There are different reasons 80% never reach their goals. One of my philosophy’s is that individuals may not value time.

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Value of Time

At the beginning of this article, I started with numbers to show the value of time. We often put off or delay plans/goals because we don’t truly think about time. There is always tomorrow, next week, next month and before we know it, we have entered another year. A few weeks ago, I heard the statement “Don’t let time do a number on you” (L. Michael’s Spiritual Vitamin). I didn’t hear the entire message, as I was focused on the statement. I had to stop and reflect–“time is really all about numbers”. I wondered how many of us really weigh the importance of time in our lives.

Frozen in Time

As we enter another year, I am sure many are reflecting on new or redefined goals for the new year. Is a time-frame added to each goal? Do you maintain these time periods? If not, is it due to time running away from you? For some self-satisfaction is based on accomplished goals. When we don’t give value to a particular goal, there is nothing to celebrate.

Why do we have difficulties keeping up with time? We often realize a month, several months or a year has passed. Are we distressed by other events in life or do we change our mind? Are you setting the same goals each year? Take a few minutes to think about time escaping or why do we allow time to escape? What are we losing when we fall short with our goals? Do the goals become unattainable or do we continue to put off, thinking we have time?

Dream or Reality

Life continues to move forward, and time slips away. Have you ever stopped for a moment and realized 2-3 years have gone by without notice? Time does not stand still for us, time continuously moves, every second turns to minutes, minutes transform into hours, hours go into days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. At the blink of an eye, several years have passed and your dream is still just a dream.

What is stopping you? Look at your goals to see if it is your true obtainable desire or is it just an idea. An idea is different from a dream. An idea is a thought, a dream is a deep desire or your passion.

Time to Move Forward

Don’t let another year go by without accomplishing your goals. What’s in the way? Is it time moving too quickly, or did you lose track of time? There are ways to keep you on track. Whenever you set a goal, it is a good idea to develop a timeline. Once you set a goal, determine a start date and approximate end date, if it is not continuous. For example, exercise should have a start date and ramp up information, but not an end date. If your goal is to start or return to school, you should determine which semester you are starting, and plan accordingly.

It’s time to let MJ Professional Coaching help you join the 20% of resolution keepers and decrease the 80% who are non-compliant. We can form a valuable partnership of accountability.

Enjoy 2019, while maintaining your goals.

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