Coaching a Conversation or Confirmation?


In two of my earlier articles, “Quick Guide: Finding a Life Coach” and “Burning Life Coach Questions”, I briefly discussed the value of seeking a Coach and what a Coach can offer. I wanted to take time in this article to expand upon the needs of a Coach (life, professional, etc.). Conversing with a Coach…

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The Crossroad


We all experience many crossroads in our lives. The key is to embrace the crossroads and make it work for you, not against you. Walk into your crossroad.

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Burning Life Coach Questions


Most of us often find ourselves with many questions, on a daily basis.  Some questions are fairly simple and require very little thought.  However, there are those life coach questions that requires some deep sole searching.  These questions linger without an easy resolution.  We find that we need someone to help us process what it really means.

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Quick Guide: Finding A Life Coach

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Finding a life coach is like finding that perfect pair of shoes.  You must be comfortable with the fit and the style.  This blog will provide you with key points to identify coaches that you can connect and trust with important decisions.

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