Coaching a Conversation or Confirmation?

In two of my earlier articles, “Quick Guide: Finding a Life Coach” and “Burning Life Coach Questions”, I briefly discussed the value of seeking a Coach and what a Coach can offer. I wanted to take time in this article to expand upon the needs of a Coach (life, professional, etc.).

Conversing with a Coach

A Coach has your best interest in mind and wants you to get the best out of the sessions. A master coach reminded me during my evaluation that “The client is the driver and the coach is the passenger”. We, Coaches, are here to help guide you on the drive, as you request for assistance”.

As Coaches, it is imperative that we let the clients discover their paths/visions. Coaching is parallel to learning a lesson on our own or with limited intrusion. When a person develops a method that works for them, it is an unforgettable lesson. True with coaching– as the client discovers his/her destiny, he/she will never forget. This valueable lesson then becomes a lifelong tool.

Coach Confirmation

There are cases, in which, clients seek coaches to help them solidify their choices. Deep down in our soul, most of us desire to follow another path or expand upon current paths. There may be unforeseen barriers or just a PUSH (Permission to be Unafraid to Submerge in Harvest/Happiness) needed to move forward.

Some people are afraid to share their dreams, desires, and dilemmas with their loved ones or friends. They are afraid of being mocked, not supported or told their visions are not obtainable.

With Coaching the individuals can feel safe and unrestricted.

Other Reasons to Seek a Coach

  • Identifying your passion. Since becoming a Coach, I am more in tune to what people are not saying. The body and facial expressions often beam a different vibe than the words. As Coaches, we cannot judge nor assume what someone has to say. However, if we sense or see something, we will ask permission to verbalize what we felt or saw. Some may agree with our observation; however, they may not be ready to explore. Coaches operate at the Client’s pace.
  • Conversation is deeper than your friends. I heard the phrase “I don’t need a Coach, I talk to my friends”. Well, your friends are supportive, as is a Coach. Often your friends will listen, same as a Coach. However, Coaches listen with intention, are non-judgemental, and pose thought-provoking questions. Coaches will not tell you what they think you should do. Coaches will help you to discover the answers within yourself. Once you discover the answers, you will be more attentive.
  • Judgement Free Zone.  Whatever is discussed in the office/virtual office stays in that space. You can be vulnerable. This will allow YOUR space, YOUR time, YOUR break-through.

Answering the Opening Question

Is coaching a conversation or confirmation?  It is truly up to you and your needs. You, as the client, will direct the conversation based on your needs. Being on the receiving end, as well as the coaching end, I know coaching is good for the mind, body and soul. We carry so much with our personal and professional life. Hiring a Coach is a great way to relieve some of the daily pressures of life.

A conversation with a friend is much different than a conversation with a coach. A conversation with a co-worker doesn’t always provide a solution, sometimes it causes more problems. A conversation with a family member provides the loving, personal support, not the unwavering support needed.

Seeking a coach will provide the peace you need within, the courage to move forward and the opportunity to be free.

Take the Next Step

Now that we have determined the different types of conversations, start your road to freedom with an enriched intentional session. Get started with a free 30-minute session with MJ Professional Coaching.

I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your continued support.

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