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Investing with a Purpose – Purposely Connecting

Let’s Bring It Together

We are concluding the “Investing with a Purpose” series. Here is a brief overview to capture the various articles. The first article “Investing with a Purpose – Intro”, you developed an outline, answered a few explosive questions, defined what investment means for you and your staff, formed a partnership by simply listening to your staff.

We moved onto “Investing with a Purpose – Round II”. There were a few tasks assigned. You gathered data in the first article. The second article was an opportunity to summarize the data, examine and frame the data. You defined the opportunities, values and potential barriers. You further expanded the partnership conversation. Most importantly, we explored coaching vs performance improvement. We concluded with “Investing for Enhancement”.

The third article, “Investing with a Purpose – Coaching with a Purpose”, required each of you to define your “WORTH – Weighted Opportunities based on Relationship, Trust and Hard-Work”. You measured if coaching was successful by conducting analyses that produces meaningful results. Hopefully, you determined your gains and benefits for all.

Thoughtful Nourishment

I was listening to the “Spiritual Vitamin” on a local radio station while driving to work. If you have a distance drive, it is a great time to reflect while paying attending to the road (of course). The paraphrased message was “Not as we see it but as it is”. I thought this would be the perfect beginning for this series ending. Over the last months, you have taken the time to listen and communicate with your staff. You studied their wants and needs to discover their purpose within the company and for themselves. Hopefully, you formed a partnership to develop departmental, corporate and personal goals.

Do You See What I See?

“Not as we see it but as it is”. The message has a powerful meaning. Let’s dissect this statement. “As We See IT” – sometimes we see things not as they are, but how we would like to see them. There may be times we are so focused and goal driven, we miss important signs. This is a failure on our part. We are missing opportunities, not only for ourselves but for our team. I invite you to sit back and really take this in. Your mind must be clear and you must be open to really relate to “What You See”. It is powerful, right?

Let’s take the last portion “As It Is”. One may question “how do we know ‘what’ it is”. It could be based on each person’s perception. No, it is not. “As it is” relates to actual. This requires discipline, transformation and growth. The lesson is to be open to all possibilities and see things as they are. This process is not an overnight success and there may be times we don’t like what we see. We must stop and think, what does it really mean? How does what I see that I don’t like, add value? Again, sit back, be open and take it all in.

There are times, we must remove the personal and remain unbiased, to see “what it actually is”. Click To Tweet

Simply see your staff for the value they are and not what you want them to be!

Finding Value

As mentioned, in many of the articles, each task leads to value. What do you value in yourself and your staff. Have you reached the point that you are partnering and trusting your staff?

What WORTH (Weighted Opportunities based on Relationship, Trust and Hard-Work) have you gained, since taking on assigned tasks outlined in the articles? Have you or are you building that successful partnership?

What’s the Sum?

The Sum of this series is based on your gain and your value. This series was designed to determine the value in your staff. As a result, the staff will deliver based on your expectations. As mentioned several times, the staff must see and feel their value. The delivery may be different for each group. However, investing in the WORTH will produce fruitful employees, division/department and organization.

Ultimately, it should be about developing key/star players within your group. Star employees are the ones whose goal is to excel. Please note, you should always develop more than one star. Why? Most of our staff have different areas of strength. With the exercises in the previous articles, you should have defined those areas and worked on those areas for each employee. You never want to develop only one staff member. I know we all have our key ‘go-to’ person. However, when you fully invest, you always have the risk of a loss (someone leaving due to their newly developed skills). If this is the case, you will only have one weakened link that can be easily replaced or rebuilt.

Trusted Partnership

I trust each of you have gained knowledge and acquired practical tools for yourself and your staff. Are you looking for clarity or confirmation on your current or proposed plans? Are you or your staff trying to overcome barriers or simply need to outline the next steps? MJ Professional Development is available to assist with your defined needs.

As always, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your continued support. I am always looking forward to feedback. Please feel free to email me at

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