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Investing with a Purpose – Intro

Welcome to the “Investing with a Purpose” four-month series. I am delighted to have the dedicated investors back and to warmly welcome my new investors. As investors, you are aware that identifying, outlining, commitment and tenacity are core contents needed for your investments to pay off in your favor. For the new investors, I extend the invitation to checkout the “Investing in Yourself” series. It is a helpful guide for your self-development, career and business endeavors.

Let’s Start with an Outline

This series is designed for managers, directors, entrepreneurs and future leaders. Together, we will explore the following over the next few months:

  • The importance of investing in your staff
  • How to invest in your staff
  • Removing performance improvement programs and implementing coaching
  • What is the expected gain/net profit

How to Prepare

Those of you reading this article, have taken the first step. We can start with a few questions. How would you describe your working relationship with your staff? Do you see them as your worker bees? Are you the dictator? Do you ask your employee’s opinion on projects? Are the staff involved in meetings prior to implementing changes that may directly affect them? Do you see your employees as valuable? Are you willing to assist in the growth of your employees?

There are many more questions, however, this is the start of a thought-provoking process.

The Explosive Question

This is the loaded question that I want you to answer now and each month during the series release: Are you preparing your employees for your position? Why or Why not? There is a lot to unpack with this question. It also speaks to your leadership style. During the fourth article, we will analyze your monthly responses. I cannot wait!

Defining Investment

What is investment and why do we invest? Based upon the previous series, we equated investment to value (what do you value?), untapped desires (talents), research and thorough planning. I also suggested keeping a journal to log your ideas/plans and your progress. I strongly suggest you do the same for investing in your staff.

Have you dedicated time for each of your employees? This is the greatest area of non-investment for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and supervisors. For some, the one-on-one conversation is to discuss an issue or to develop a performance improvement plan. Many fail to realize employees’ morale is based on knowing someone cares about them and willing to invest in their future. Does that mean getting personal? No, it does not. It simply means spending time with each employee to find out why they are there. What brings them to work every day? What are their future plans? Are they in school? Is the current job a path in their desired job/field?

Are they there for a paycheck? If yes, that is ok, if they are dependable and productive employees. We always need a constant variable. Do you agree?

Forming a Partnership

I recommend the first change, for those not practicing this leadership style, is to form a partnership with each of your employees. This means dedicating time (you determine the frequency based on your schedule and other obligations) to check-in and listen to the wants and needs of your employees. Be genuine with this step. If you are not ready, do not proceed. Individuals can discern if someone is truly invested in them or it is just a game. If it is a game, they will shut down.

There are many benefits for this partnership. Most importantly, the employees will feel valued. The employees may be willing to share more and take on additional tasks. The employees will be willing to invest and contribute to the success of the organization. They will be willing to share great ideas. As leaders, we get so busy that we are not able to tap into our creative side. We are burned out. I tell you investing in your staff will expose many possibilities. Form the partnership, develop trust and watch yourself, your employees and your organization flourish.

Start Today

Just to summarize – Invest, Invest and Invest. You will see yourself and your employees receiving greater returns. First start with the partnership. You should meet with each member of your team. You are the Coach and it is about “Winning”. Win with a purpose. Once you have met with your staff, analyze your players and outline your mission based on their feedback. Share your mission with the team, as a collaborative effort. For this partnership to work, you must be transparent.

Key: investment in staff = solid trust = complete partnership = investment in the organization’s success.Click To Tweet

A Look Ahead

Next month, we will go beyond the partnership. We will review your findings during the individual meetings and discuss how to sort through your feedback. We will also discuss coaching versus performance improvement.

Let’s Form a Greater Partnership

There is a lot of work ahead. As leaders, there are times you will need to form a partnership with a Professional Coach. MJ Professional Development is ready to shape that partnership with you and/or your staff. We offer individual professional coaching—perfect for the times you have views and need an unbiased individual to help you reach an outcome. MJ Professional Development is also available for group sessions. This is an option to have a Coach conduct sessions to determine your employees’ desires or to identify potential barriers in the group and/or organization.

MJ Professional will assist with “Coaching Employees with a Purpose”.

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