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Quick Guide for Coaching Successful Employees

How do you define coaching successful employees or a successful team? I am sure there are many different answers to this question. Let’s explore how to obtain a greater understanding of your “successful” needs and wants for your business or organization.

What’s Important for Your Success

First, let’s define what is important to you. In your opinion, if you had to choose one factor that you would associate with success would it be:

(1) having all the knowledge to complete every task;  OR

(2) developing a successful team.

If you selected (1), do you really think you can operate a department, business or organization, solo? If so, hats off to you. I would suggest taking time not to burn out—which could be the end result.

As an effective leader, you should have selected “developing a successful team”. Great Choice!

Three stages for coaching successful employees:

As positive managers, your top priority should be to have productive and driven employees. These individuals want to be successful.

How do we build that team?

  • Develop a path
  • Provide coaching sessions
  • Allow for their success

Develop a path

Developing a path is outlining a clear plan and providing clear expectations. This is an area where many managers fail. Some managers do not take the time to meet with their employees and outline what is expected of them. Many do not take the time to inform the employees of the organization’s mission and how their position/duties align with the mission. Employees are engaged when they know their job/function and contribute to the success of the organization.

Coaching Sessions

Do you know the difference between performance improvement and coaching? Many leaders have not been exposed to coaching and do not have the tools to coach. Coaching is an acquired skill and should be done in conjunction with performance improvement. Performance improvement is outlining steps to help an employee achieve identified goals.

When an employee is coached, the core problem is discovered. Performance improvement may not uncover the core problem. Coaching will resolve the internal issues.

Managing is NOT coaching.

Allow for Success

Everyone loves praise. Even that shy employee that is an introvert. Managers should acknowledge the employee that goes above and beyond, the employee that makes a difference or the employee that continues to be a lead team player.

Tip for PRAISE:  Practice Recognition and Accolades, Instead of Silence and Emptiness.

Tip for PRAISE: Practice Recognition and Accolades, Instead of Silence and Emptiness.Click To Tweet

We are here to assist

The three steps mentioned above are important for coaching successful employees. There are financial and production impacts when the employees are not successful or motivated. As leaders, you cannot successfully guide a department/organization, if you are continuously managing your employee each day. Do you have time to be creative, analyze data and/or develop plans for expansion?

Maybe you should consider coaching, either for you and/or your employees. If you are a leader who is equipped with performance improvement skills, your strength may not be coaching. You could hire a coach to work with your employees. This will remove that burden from you. Or, if you are a leader who wants to expand your skills and learn how to coach your employees to success, you should consider hiring a coach. The coach will equip you with many practices to develop successful employees.

Let’s form a successful partnership

MJ Professional Coaching is available to partner with you. We understand productivity and favorable finances are important factors for all organizations. With that said, it is best to invest and retain your successful employee.

MJ Professional Coaching has worked with many leaders and employees to outline what is a successful employee, outline expectations and improve communication.

MJ Professional Coaching will assist you with coaching your Employee to Success.

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About Michelle Jolley

Michelle Jolley is a Professional Coach and the founder of MJ Professional Development Company. MJ Professional Development Company was originally established to assist individuals in developing marketable skills for the corporate industry. Over the years, Michelle has witnessed individuals and organizations having a greater need for coaching. As a result, she decided to expand her horizon and reach a greater audience.