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Let’s Transform Together

Welcome to the MJ Professional Coaching “quarterly” article. Over the last year, the articles reflected finding your passion and following your dreams. Changing the postings/articles to quarterly will provide the time needed to focus on the challenges outlined in the months ahead. In being transparent, it is imperative to be more resourceful for my client. Coaching is my true passion that brings fulfillment in my life. In exchange, I want my clients to discover what makes them complete.

As a result, I decided to pursue a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Once completed, this will allow me to fully embrace and examine each aspect of a client’s walk in life. Currently with coaching, I work with clients from their current status and assist them with moving to their next level (career, personal, etc.). During the process, I’ve learned many individuals have underlined experiences that are hindering them from moving forward. As a coach, I must stay in the now and the future. I want to give my clients more. Therefore, obtaining my second master’s in Mental Health, will allow me to become better equipped for coaching through every stage of life and to go deeper.

Thank you for your patience, during my transition and continue to enjoy the articles on a quarterly basis.

Let’s Transform

In speaking of transition, let’s take this opportunity to examine the transitional stages. The perfect examples are the stages of a beautiful butterfly. Let’s examine the stages of metamorphosis (, as it relates to coaching:

First Stage – Egg

As most living creatures, it starts with an egg. The butterfly eggs are small. The egg in coaching represents a burning desire, a longing thought or a question. This is the start of the process.

Second Stage – Larva/Caterpillar

According to the website mentioned above, “caterpillars do not stay in this stage for very long and mostly in this stage all they do is eat”. This is the discovering phase in coaching. The desire has been expressed and the coach is asking thought-provoking questions to obtain an understanding. Once an agreement is reached on the understanding, the coach starts uncovering the core.

As the caterpillars are mainly eating during this stage. The key questions are an opportunity to feed your brain and heart. Caterpillars need to eat for growth. A client cannot evolve without the proper nourishment. It is a process needed to reach the next level and move forward.

Third Stage – Pupa

As soon as a caterpillar reaches their full length/weight, they form themselves into a pupa/chrysalis. Inside of the pupa, the caterpillar is rapidly changing ( This is your transformation stage. The stage where you are starting to discover your capabilities, where you are defining your strengths, where you are setting your steps forward to make a major move.

This may not be a welcoming stage and can be messy. The messiness can be painful and seem disorganized. However, the messiness is needed to help shed the old and grow into the new.

Fourth Stage – Beautiful Butterfly

This is the stage were the caterpillar transfers into a beautiful butterfly. The key word is beauty.

The saying in coaching is that the process is messy, however, the results are beautiful.Click To Tweet The client will reach a place of refreshment, calmness and pure joy.

Define Your Stage

Take a moment to think about your current stage. How many of you bounce between stages one & two and don’t know how you keep ending up in those stages? I would highly suggest obtaining a coach to help you move onto the other stages. You will discover your full potential.

MJ Professional is available to assist with moving you forward. MJ Professional is looking forward to everyone reaching their full potential. Give it a try with a free session.

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Michelle Jolley is a Professional Coach and the founder of MJ Professional Development Company. MJ Professional Development Company was originally established to assist individuals in developing marketable skills for the corporate industry. Over the years, Michelle has witnessed individuals and organizations having a greater need for coaching. As a result, she decided to expand her horizon and reach a greater audience.