Positioning Yourself

For the last few weeks, I have referred to the quote “We cannot continue doing the same thing and expect different results” by Otto Perez Molina. How many of us can relate? You find your way out of a situation, only to find yourself in the same position. It is about positioning yourself and not letting others have control.

Can You Relate?

I think a large majority can relate, at some point in their lives. It could be a relationship, employment, even school. Same thing over and over again. When will my life/situation change? It begins with You. When will you change your course of life?

Quick Assessment

As we live, we see time is going by as fast as we can blink our eyes. Why are you wasting time repeating the same pattern?

  • How many times should you repeat the same exact actions, with the same results?
  • Where in your life are you repeating an unhealthy pattern?
  • Think about how long you have been in the same cycle?
  • What are you hoping to be the result?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?

Key words in these questions: “unhealthy”, “cycle”, “result”, and “achieve”. Notice, you are not achieving favorable results in an unhealthy cycle. The recurring word in those questions is “YOU”.

Move into Your Position

You have the power to break the cycle. For most, each time you find yourself in the cycle position, you often say, “Never again”.

Talking without Action is Stillness.Click To Tweet Lack of action means no opportunities for growth nor opportunities to experience success. We cannot take back the time we have lost.

Let’s Experiment

Imagine your position/situation as a science experiment. A scientist usually outlines a project from beginning to end, while developing a hypothesis of the outcome. Trying to prove the hypothesis, the scientist conducts an experiment. If the result is not what they expected, they may try the same experiment again. When it fails, they try again adding and taking away different elements. If they don’t achieve the results outlined in their original hypothesis, the scientist may change the hypothesis to match the resulting outcomes. As you can see “if it does not work, they need to conform to a different method or different outcome”.

How does it relate to you? For some, it means setting goals for yourself. You will set expectations and not fall short. Do you set goals or just take life as it comes? Continuously going through life, looping around and around without a map, is ineffective. At some point, you will be tired of going nowhere in a world filled with opportunities.

Under Construction

Give yourself permission to close for construction of your mind, body and your soul. Take a minute to think through this one. When streets are closed for repairs, it is an inconvenience for others (the drivers), however, it is a safety mechanism. It is also an opportunity to make something broken, deteriorating and non-secure, into something stable, whole and secure.

When you are working on yourself, it is ok to close off contact with people and things that keep you in a non-result/non-growth cycle. You will see a change in yourself. Will this be easy? No, not at all. When we are trying to make a change, it is easier for us to fall back into the comfort cycle. It is harder, to stay within the uncomfortable cycle. Why, because it is different. We have all heard the term “growing pains”. Yes, going through it brings pain and loss. However, at the end, you will find a better, different person. Your perceptive is much clearer and there will be more joy than pain.

You Want Out

It starts with you. You must take Ownership, Understand your strengths & weaknesses and Trust yourself. This is the first step of understanding how to take ownership and trust yourself. Next step is to obtain a coach and/or therapist to hold you accountable. It is difficult to hold ourselves accountable. MJ Professional Coaching is available to help identify your strengths and outline a plan to move forward. MJ Professional Coaching will also hold you accountable to the goals/plans you identify.

How you position yourself is up to you. You can continue to be a science project, or you can go under construction and become a better You and find your way out of your cycles. Your new motto should be “Doing different things to expect positive results”.  Start with a fee coaching session offered by MJ Professional Coaching.

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