Seduced by Safety

Do you feel trapped in your current career, position or life? Are you trapped due to being afraid to JUMP? Is your current state your safety net? If yes, you are seduced by safety!

Let’s Examine Seduction

According to Wikipedia, “Seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person, to engage in a relationship, to lead astray, to persuade”. Safety and comfort are enticing to individuals who prefer the norm. Are you being enticed by the unknown, money, fear, laziness, location?

How Can Seduction Hold You Back

Seduction holds you in the same space and does not allow you to explore possibilities. Growth and transformation are part of life’s journey. If you are afraid to encounter either growth and/or transition, how can you further your careers, education, personal lives?

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Three (3) Steps to Release you from your Entrapment

  • Recognize your safety
  • Outline why “X” is safe
  • Identify if “X” is removed, how does it affect your life?


What is your outcome when you remove X, what are the effects? It is not as bad as you think? It’s all in your head. You have been seduced. Now let’s JUMP.

  • Join forces between your mind and your actions
  • Understand your needs and your purpose
  • Motivation – Once you understand your purpose, you have to motivate and encourage yourself
  • Persistence – Be persistent. You must make a choice and keep going. Don’t look back.

What’s Next?

Now that you have released and jumped, you must remain consistent. If not, you will fall back into seduction. You cannot stay there, you will never discover your potential. Partnering with a life or professional coach, can help you stay away from the safety of seduction.

Work with Us

MJ Professional Coaching is familiar with seduction and being released from the hold. We have worked with executives, physicians, small businesses, entrepreneurs and others to make the necessary changes. Let’s start the journey. Along this journey, we will provide you with the tools avoid seduction.

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Michelle Jolley is a Professional Coach and the founder of MJ Professional Development Company. MJ Professional Development Company was originally established to assist individuals in developing marketable skills for the corporate industry. Over the years, Michelle has witnessed individuals and organizations having a greater need for coaching. As a result, she decided to expand her horizon and reach a greater audience.