The Crossroad

The longer you live, the more crossroads you will encounter. Some by choice, some by force. Either way, it can be a very enlightening moment/season, once you embrace it.

Regrets – Not For ME

As most of you are aware, I fully launched MJ Professional Development – Coaching Services, November 2017. There was fear of the unknown. God gave me this vision and outlined my path. Therefore, I knew I was on the right path with my business venture. I have “No” regrets!

I have no regrets, however, I can’t help but feel I should be doing more. God said Coaching is a great start, now let’s go to the next level. After prayer and clarification, I have started the process to my next level, my crossroad.

Meet Me At The Crossroads

I pray this article will be instrumental and a blessing for my followers and newcomers. This article will help you to embrace the crossroad(s). Turn the fears into the welcoming opportunities. A crossroad is defined as “a point in your life when you have to make an important decision” ( Yes, life decisions—relationships, careers, lifestyle changes, etc. There are many take-a-ways from this conversation. The main point I want to emphasize is to find peace with the choice at that moment. And realize crossroads are not one-time events. It is a lifetime of encounters and meaningful lessons for future crossroads.

Forced Or Choice?

Let’s simplify, ALL crossroads, whether it is by force or by choice, are growth opportunities.Click To Tweet I am sure you heard the quote by German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. This is a true statement. We have all encountered situations in life that we wish we could have avoided. I have learned to be grateful for those opportunities. Even though the situation was unpleasant, we remember those moments and thanked God for seeing us through.

Are you in the midst of a life changing decision? Are you being forced or do you have an opportunity to move into a different direction? If you are in deep thought about a change, what’s keeping it grounded? Is it not knowing which way to go, right, left or forward? Most likely if it is a thought, there should be some type of movement. It is best that you make that choice when you have the option or inkling. Most immediate and rash decisions are made when you are forced into the crossroad. Rash decisions are not always the best as they lead back into the situation or other unpleasant ordeals.

My Journey

My spiritual journey has taken me to various crossroads, especially as a single mom. I worked to beat the odds. Truly a blessing. Particularly, I had something to prove to the world (yes, the world). There were so many negative connotations about single moms. I learned that what is reported is not the majority, it is what society wants to put in our soul. It was imperative for me to set an example for my daughters. I wanted them to know, if you are alone, you can be successful. What I quickly realized, regardless of what you have, don’t let people seize your works nor your joy. That was my wakeup call and my welcomed crossroad. Due to these crossroads, I am rich, while becoming enriched and pouring into others.

The Greatest Discoveries

Are you missing out on opportunities due to not moving forward? There are various reasons for fear: not being able to provide for yourself, your family, depending on others, and not knowing the outcome. Do you often wonder about your missed crossroads? Stop living in the past and start living for today. Embrace your crossroads, change your mindset and be more open.

As I approach a milestone age, I am also entering a crossroad. I am sure some of you can relate. I realized, employment is not as secure as it used to be. This is a time to follow your passion, use your gifts, lean into your calling. You ask, “How do I know I found my place?” You will feel it in your soul, you will be happier and to top it off, money is not as important as before. Money is no longer a major factor. It is about life’s great achievements.

What’s Your Choice?

Where is your richness? What has been that nagging desire? What has God called you to do? Are you being called to the crossroad to change a situation, relationship or career? It is best for you to embrace it now before you enter an unfamiliar crossroad.

We Are Here For You

MJ Professional Development specializing in life’s most challenging area—the crossroad. My clients selected MJ Professional due to my experience and compassion. If you are at the crossroads about coaching, take advantage of the free “30-minute session”. You will leave with no regrets. I look forward to hearing from each of you, soon.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for your support!!!!!

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Michelle Jolley is a Professional Coach and the founder of MJ Professional Development Company. MJ Professional Development Company was originally established to assist individuals in developing marketable skills for the corporate industry. Over the years, Michelle has witnessed individuals and organizations having a greater need for coaching. As a result, she decided to expand her horizon and reach a greater audience.