Transition: Key Strategies for Managing Change

Life is about Transition

We are consistently evolving, growing and becoming better (hopefully). So why is change so difficult? Is there an easier process? This post is designed to help you identify your barriers and move forward.

What’s stopping you from moving forward?

Do you find the transition stage of your personal life and career uneasy? Is it uneasy because you are leaving a “known” and moving toward an “unknown”? Are you hindering your growth and success because you fear moving forward?  Is the issue “fear”, the “unknown”, or “comfort”? Maybe it is all three. Can you determine which one is keeping you from moving forward?

Here are some preliminary steps for discovery:

  • Take a moment and clear your mind.
  • Prepare two lists (1) where you are now, and (2) where you want to be.
  • Identify the pros and cons from both list and compare.
  • Which list has the greater number of pros?
  • If the number is where you want to be, let’s move forward to deal with the cons on that list.

3 Steps to build your confidence towards your transition

I suggest dealing with the “cons” first, to build your “con”fidence. The biggest challenge of a transition is building confidence. Here are a few steps to help build your confidence:

Step 1: Understanding transition

Most people have difficulties with transition because they are not sure of the outcome. Do you try to imagine what the outcomes are if you do “X”?  Transition is all about results (positive and negative). The short definition of “transition” according to Webster’s dictionary is “the process”. The “process” according to Webster’s dictionary is “a series of actions to achieve an end”.

Step 2: Moving into the “the process”

The key words in the definition mentioned above is “a series of action” and “series” is a “process”. You must be willing to endure and commit to the process. Endurance is part of building your confidence. Do you see how this is all tied together to push you forward?

This requires action on your part. The action is taking the first step to your future. This is a difficult step, however, it is the most important step.

Step 3: Identifying and Removing your “X” (you fill in the blank).

Are you more afraid of failing or not knowing the end results? This is a key question. The fear and unknown plays a major factor into one’s confidence. It doesn’t allow you to move forward. Some examples that contributes to the fear or your “X”, are self-esteem, financial and/or resources.

At the beginning, you were to list out pros and cons. Do any of the cons reflect your failures or the unknown? If so, it is time to explore.

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Get to Work!

Let’s start with a simple exercise to begin your transition. Repeat after me and believe:

  • I deserve the best
  • I deserve the next level
  • I will remove all fear
  • I will allow the door of success to open
  • I will get out of my own way

Consider working with a Professional Coach

Are you able to identify your barriers? Or do you need a professional to assist you with the step-by-step process? I would recommend a coach if: (1) you are having difficulties identifying barrier(s); (2) you are unsure of how to move forward; (3) you need to outline a plan for moving forward. A Personal Coach can assist you in identifying your barriers, overcome obstacles and develop a plan.

Work with us!

MJ Professional Coaching has successfully helped leaders to manage their transitional state. We have worked with executives, physicians, small businesses, entrepreneurs and others to make the necessary changes. Let’s start the journey towards a beautiful transition. Along this journey, we will provide you with the tools for future transitions.

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